Friday, September 26, 2008

A New Friend

A couple of weeks ago Holly's college roommate, Wendi and her husband Ben came for the weekend. They have a little boy (Campbell) who is 1 1/2 months older than Harrison. Harrison and Campbell had fun playing together. Harrison laughed at him all weekend. He has never really been around a child his age for a long period of time. He thought it was hilarious. Campbell had just started crawling before he came to our house and he was everywhere (even on Harrison). Harrison is starting to do a slow army crawl and gets to where he wants to get by army crawling or rolling. He is so funny to watch. Now that he is sitting up really well he hates to be on his back. He trys everything to get back up if he falls over. He will figure it out sooner or later. He is going to be everywhere when he really starts crawling. He is never still. Hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Harrison's Natural Mohawk...At The Park

Harrison's hair is naturally in a mohawk style. It sticks up no matter what we do to it. It is so cute. Only at this age is a mohawk cool looking :-). So, in the bathtub, like all good parents do, we made it wet and stick up and then took pictures of it so that one day we can make him laugh. We went to the park the other day and put him in the swing and as you can see had a great time. We did too just laughing with him.

Labor Day Weekend...In The Pool

How cute is his little crab float??? He has so much fun in the water. He is a little fish. He kicks and splashes and wants to swim across the pool. He just loves it. We had a good time playing in the pool during the weekend. We went swimming 3 times and loved every minute. We also had a great time visiting family and friends while in Munford.