Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

I know that I apoligize a lot on this blog, but I am sorry that I didn't get Holiday cards out this here is our holiday message along with a few pictures. All three of us hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Our year is starting out busy but we know that it will slow down eventually.

This past year flew by. It started out in February with the birth of Harrison William. He was born the evening of February 5th at the University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas. The birth went well and both Harrison and I left two days later in great health. We were visited many times by family and friends in the next couple of months and adjusted pretty well to a new baby in the house....although we are still adjusting daily to having a child :-). He is almost 1 now and about to start walking. He has been a joy to our lives and has made the last year very fun. You laugh and cry a lot more often after you have kids for sure!!!

The month of February also brought more great things in our lives. Derrick defended his disertation and officially became a "Doctor"....and no he cannot write prescriptions. He has an Ed. D. in Special Education and was offered a job as an associate professor at the Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville one day after Harrison was born. Of course he accepted the position and we moved to Huntsville in August. Derrick graduated from Texas Tech in May and we spent the summer packing, packing and more packing. We were happy to get back to the southeast part of the nation but we do miss our friends we made over the last 3 years.

After we moved to Huntsville, I (Holly) became a stay-at-home mommy and am loving every minute of it. I am taking time off from being an x-ray tech and am going to stay home for a while with Harrison. I am having a lot of fun staying home but I do miss grown-up conversation :-).

We lived in an apartment until we found a house to buy here in Huntsville. We closed on a house in November, which was followed by Thanksgiving, moving in, Christmas, a trip to New Orleans and then another trip to Derrick's parents' house to throw a 50th wedding anniversary, to say the least we have been really busy lately!!! So, that is why you all don't have a holiday card coming to you in the mail this year. I hope this blog takes care of all of your withdrawl from not receiving the yearly card :-).

So, enjoy the pics and news. We hope you all are doing well. We love and miss you all.

Holiday Season 2008

First of all, I am sooooooo sorry that I haven't kept up with the blog since we moved into our house. With moving, Thanksgiving, Christmas and throwing the in-laws a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party, things have been quite hectic around the house. So, here are some pics of the holiday season of 2008. Hope you all enjoy.