Saturday, March 31, 2012

Soccer Videos!

This is a video of Harrison attempting the practice drills! 

This is Harrison playing for a couple minutes in one of the quarters.  See how well he stays with the ball.....    :). If you watch really close, he gets mad because they take the ball out of play due to it going out of bounds. Derrick is standing on the sidelines for this quarter, giving the assistant coach the opportunity to coach some and get used to it. Enjoy!  

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Well, today we became a soccer playing family!  I put on my facebook status today that we were on our way to our first soccer game with Harrison...Derrick is the coach, I am the team Mom, we were bringing the snacks and we drive a van...Does that make me a "soccer Mom"?  I got several funny comments! 

So, at 7:45am, on a Saturday morning, we were on our way to the soccer fields.  We were loaded with foldable chairs, bottled waters, snacks and the cutest little soccer player in the world!  (The coach was pretty cute himself!)  We were all a little nervous.  Harrison was excited to be going to play soccer with his "new friends".  It was quite an adventure.  Out of five kids, we only had one meltdown...Harrison started crying when he had to stop playing and give someone else a turn!  So, I guess he was having a good time!  Anyway, to say the least, I took a million pictures!  Here are a few of the highlights!

This was the "dress rehearsal" the night before!
 The (Cute) Coach With Three of the Players
                              Harrison kicking the ball towards...or sort of towards....the goal!  :-)
                                    Running after the ball and the other team...Go Green Team!
                                                   The Cutest Cheerleader on the Sidelines!

The Zoo!!

A Day At The Zoo...
...the pictures speak for themselves!

Walking With Maw Maw and Paw Paw

                                                               Watching the Kangaroos

                                                    Harrison LOVED the Train...of course!

                              Darcie...not so much!  She wasn't scared...just not too sure about it!

                                                             Pointing at the Elephants!

                                                             Walking with Paw Paw...

                        He ACTUALLY rode the camel all by himself....cause I sure didn't want to do it!
                                 (The little boy with him smiled the whole time except for this picture!)

We had a great time!  Sure to go back again soon!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daily Life

Here are some pictures of daily life in the home of the Smith's: 

Harrison covered in flour after making homemade pretzels...
 THE BEST Homemade Pretzels EVER...

Darcie's "What Up Yo" Pose...

Just Smiling for the Camera...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Harrison's Birthday Party Adventure...

We finally had his party!!  February is a very busy month each year at church so we usually have to have Harrison's birthday party later in the month each year.  Which is fine because then he gets to celebrate twice :-).   He doesn't mind!  This year Darcie was sick the week or his party with a high fever, stomach bug and an ear infection...yeah, not so fun!  So, we had to postpone it two days hoping that she would be better and would be able to join in the fun...which, she was ALOT better but she had had a fever the day before and I just wasn't comfortable bringing her out, so her and Derrick stayed at home!  :(  We did do FaceTime with them during the cake and presents which made it a little more bareable.  Harrison had a great time playing at Jump To It and so did all of his friends!  Hope you enjoy the pics!  The theme this year was PIRATES!

Blowing Out The Candles
Playing T-ball


Cake and Ice Cream

Pirate Cupcakes