Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Day Out With THOMAS!!!!

So, this spring Thomas the train was in 3 cities near us and we decided that we HAD to take Harrison to go and see him.  This would be a once in a lifetime thing that we really wanted to take him to!  Here are some of the pictures we took and a couple of videos of Harrison when we told him what we were about to do and also when he first saw Thomas as we walked toward the entrance.  Enjoy!

                                                         Harrison and the "Conductor"
                                                                   Sir Topham Hat
                                                     Darcie....wasn't too sure about him...
                                                         Darcie playing with the trains...
                                                        Harrison playing with the trains...
                                                                     Rosie Tattoo
                                                                  Thomas Tattoo
                                                                On the train....
                                         Quotes from Harrison while on the train....
                                          1.  "I'm soooo happy"
                                          2.  "I can't believe this!"
                                                   Harrison and Mommy at the Entrance


Videos of Harrison!  Hilarious!  He was sooooo excited!

Revealing the Secret!

Seeing Thomas For the First Time!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Azaleas and Easter

Here are some pictures in front of our azaleas this year as well as some pictures of Easter fun!  Hope you enjoy!

Those are two really cute kids!!!  :)