Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I just wanted to make a quick entry about my dissertation defense. Last Friday, I successfully defended my dissertation. It took about 1.5 hours and was...well...tough. To say the least, I am glad it is over. It's like a load of bricks has been taken off my shoulders. So, yes, you can now officially call me Dr. Smith. (Que the "Lost in Space" Jokes....Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!)

As for Harrison, he is doing well. We have had some diaper rash issues but he is doing better. He is starting to sleep a little better at night. Holly is doing great, she is awesome!

I will post new pictures soon!


Jenny said...

Hey Guys ~ Y'all may have already tried this, but Resinol works WONDERS for diaper rash. That was all that we could use on Ian and have it work. It's nor solely a diaper rash cream, so you don't find it in the baby aisle. We just went to the pharmacy in Wal-Mart and they showed us where it was. I hope it gets better! Congrats on school! I know both of you are relieved. Have a great day ~ Jenny Maddox

Chad said...

Congratulations Dr. Smith.

Rebecca said...

Well hello Dr. Smitty!

Trudy Ingram said...

Hey Y'all!! We're so excited for you! I know that was alot of hard work for both of you, and now it will all pay off. Can't wait to see more pics of Harrison.
Hope to see y'all sorta soon!
Dan and Trudy
PS- watch out for those varmints!

Tammy said...

Congrats Doc! That's kinda weird so I think I will stick to calling you Derrick. Hope you don't mind!:)

Leah said...

Congratulations! I, too, was going to tell you about Resinol, but see Jenny already gave you the tip! It's GREAT stuff!

Gayleen said...

What a relief! Aquaphor works pretty well on diaper rash, also!
Take care you three! Have a Happy Birthday, Holly! Can't wait to see you!

David said...

I haven't had diaper rash in a really long time so I really don't know what to recommend. Maybe some Neosporin or Jell-o. Probably don't want to use pinecones or sand though.

In what field do you now philosophize? I want to start mine within the next cinco anos. I'm thinking Theoretical Physics or straight up philosophy. Unless I choose cow-milking...not many ph.Ds in that field.

And btw, HI!

ICURIS said...

congrats fellow Doctor! thanks for sending the pics of your new baby. we're so happy for you guys!

rick and brooke