Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ExerSaucer Fun...And His First Hat

We went and bought Harrison an ExerSaucer this past weekend. He likes it so far. When he gets bored with one side we turn him around. We don't think he really gets that it is a new toy...he still stares at it debating whether or not he likes it :-).

The hat he is wearing was one that "Grandma" (Holly's mom) bought him in Pennsylvania before he was ever born. We found it at Gymbore but thought that it would be a great Auburn hat...being orange and having a tiger on it...we thought it would be so cute. He seems to like it...he didn't take it off. Hopefully that is a good sign that he will like hats.

We are all doing good. We have one more month of being in Texas. We are starting to pack up the house. We are walking around boxes already but we are so excited to be moving back to Alabama. We will miss our friends that we have made here but we are excited to be moving back to the southeast and closer to family and friends we left 3 years ago.

Harrison has his first cold...so we are dealing with that today. If any of you with kids have any tricks up your sleeves, please let us in on the secrets. :-)

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Leah said...

he's getting so big!! such a cutie pie!!