Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sitting Up...A Whole New World

Hey MOM!!!
Harrison is always reaching for something!!
Just chillin'
Smiling at Daddy:-)

Harrison is getting closer and closer to sitting up all by himself. He still needs a pillow or something soft behind him because he likes to kick his feet and fall backwards. I can't leave him all alone yet while sitting up for that simple reason. He also thinks that if he goes forward that he will crawl or move towards something he wants...oh, he does but he does it on his face. When he goes forward he slides to his face and turns over and smiles at he really did do something amazing:-)...hilarious. He IS the cutest kid alive:-)...of course we are a little partial. This coming weekend we are going to Munford, AL to spend the weekend with Derrick's parents. We are excited to go and see people that we haven't gotten to spend a lot of time with in the last 3 years. There will be lots of pool time this weekend so I am sure next week there will be some fun pics to look at. Stay tuned....


Trudy Ingram said...

I love seeing Harrison's pictures! He's getting so big, and I can see both of you in him more and more! Y'all have a fun and safe trip and keep the pics coming!!
We love y'all!!
Trudy & Dan
ps- Tell Derrick I said "varmint"

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly!
Harrison is such a handsome little boy and I personally think he looks just like you! I am so glad you guys have him. Love on him and rock him as much as you can! Emmy