Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Three Cuties...

I have three cuties (including my husband) :-)! Just wanted to share some photos that we have taken in the last couple of weeks. They are getting ready for Christmas! Harrison is excited, Darcie doesn't realize what is going on...i.e., all the decorations and such that are up around the house. They are having fun making things for teacher gifts, paper ornaments and such. We have been busy, busy, busy but it will slow down (I hope) a little bit next week. We are done with Christmas shopping for the most part (still have a few stocking stuffers to find), now we just have to wrap everything! Yikes! My husband's side of the family are getting together this weekend to do "Christmas"...and the kids are excited to spend the weekend opening their first gifts of the season. Hope you enjoy the pics!

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