Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun!

This year was a "Chinese" themed Valentine's Day! I made some homemade fortune cookies and sent a few to work with Derrick with little love notes in them and then when he got home we all decorated the other ones with chocolate and sprinkles. We also had homemade chicken fried rice and homemade crab ragoons! Harrison had a stomach bug on Monday and was still recuperating yesterday and didn't help us decorate but he had a blast making his Valentine's last week! Here are a few pictures of our Valentine's Day. Derrick and I are going out to celebrate on Friday night without the kids!! Can't wait to spend some time with my Valentine!!!

Fortune Cookies

Darcie Decorating

Decorated Fortune Cookies

Milk Chocolate and "Pink" Chocolate with Sprinkles

Derrick's Masterpiece...Best of Both Worlds

Darcie Enjoying a Taste

The Kids' Valentines...Harrison glued all of his Pirate Valentines together himself! (I did Darcie's) :-)

Harrison Glueing

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!

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