Saturday, March 3, 2012

Harrison's Birthday Party Adventure...

We finally had his party!!  February is a very busy month each year at church so we usually have to have Harrison's birthday party later in the month each year.  Which is fine because then he gets to celebrate twice :-).   He doesn't mind!  This year Darcie was sick the week or his party with a high fever, stomach bug and an ear infection...yeah, not so fun!  So, we had to postpone it two days hoping that she would be better and would be able to join in the fun...which, she was ALOT better but she had had a fever the day before and I just wasn't comfortable bringing her out, so her and Derrick stayed at home!  :(  We did do FaceTime with them during the cake and presents which made it a little more bareable.  Harrison had a great time playing at Jump To It and so did all of his friends!  Hope you enjoy the pics!  The theme this year was PIRATES!

Blowing Out The Candles
Playing T-ball


Cake and Ice Cream

Pirate Cupcakes

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