Saturday, March 24, 2012


Well, today we became a soccer playing family!  I put on my facebook status today that we were on our way to our first soccer game with Harrison...Derrick is the coach, I am the team Mom, we were bringing the snacks and we drive a van...Does that make me a "soccer Mom"?  I got several funny comments! 

So, at 7:45am, on a Saturday morning, we were on our way to the soccer fields.  We were loaded with foldable chairs, bottled waters, snacks and the cutest little soccer player in the world!  (The coach was pretty cute himself!)  We were all a little nervous.  Harrison was excited to be going to play soccer with his "new friends".  It was quite an adventure.  Out of five kids, we only had one meltdown...Harrison started crying when he had to stop playing and give someone else a turn!  So, I guess he was having a good time!  Anyway, to say the least, I took a million pictures!  Here are a few of the highlights!

This was the "dress rehearsal" the night before!
 The (Cute) Coach With Three of the Players
                              Harrison kicking the ball towards...or sort of towards....the goal!  :-)
                                    Running after the ball and the other team...Go Green Team!
                                                   The Cutest Cheerleader on the Sidelines!

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